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Elevating Vietnamese Weddings
in Greenville SC

At Rosé Weddings & Events, we pride ourselves on our ability to elevate cultural traditions at weddings. As a DJ with Vietnamese roots, Tam Trinh, aka DJ Tambition, brings a unique understanding and appreciation for traditional Vietnamese wedding customs to events in Greenville, SC and throughout North and South Carolina.

The Carolina's Top Choice For Vietnamese Weddings

From the morning ceremonies , chào bàn , Cognac and Lion Dancing , DJ Tambition is well-versed in the customs and rituals that make Vietnamese weddings so special. He knows how to keep the party going with the inclusion of traditional elements.

But it's not just about upholding traditions – Tam also knows how to get the dance floor going with a mix of modern and traditional music. His versatile DJ style and ability to read the crowd will ensure that your Vietnamese wedding reception is one to remember. Trust DJ Tambition and the team at Rosé Weddings & Events to bring the energy and excitement to your special day in Greenville, SC and throughout North and South Carolina.

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