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Dare to Enter the Unknown: Grand Opening of Club Solaris - Inter-dimensional Clubbing Experience

Greenville is about to be plunged into the unknown. A new club has emerged from the shadows, created by an alien race known as The Solari. The cosmic forces have aligned, and a portal to another dimension has opened, beckoning those daring enough to enter.

Welcome to Club Solaris, located at PIEZ. This mysterious club offers a journey into the unknown, where boundaries of time and space are blurred, and the party never ends. The Solari, an advanced alien species, have found a suitable host enclosure at PIEZ, and have chosen it as their new home for their inter-dimensional clubbing experience.

Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to travel through wormholes, teleport to different realities, and immerse yourself in a truly unique clubbing experience. On our opening night, The Solari have chosen three boundary-pushing artists to perform a special set, accompanied by a mind-blowing light show and a wide range of intergalactic drinks and snacks.

For those seeking an even more intense experience, VIP packages are available, including complimentary beverages and gifts of Solari nature. But be warned, Club Solaris is not for the faint of heart. The party never ends, and the atmosphere is electric and mysterious. Join us on 2/10/2023 at PIEZ for the grand opening of Club Solaris. Limited tickets are available, so act fast. Be prepared to leave your earthly expectations behind and embark on a journey that will bend your mind and soul. All life forms are welcome on the dancefloor, including earthlings.

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